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What is a Fat Quarter?

Have you ever wondered what a Fat Quarter is, why it is cut in the shape it is and what you can do with a Fat Quarter?  This article will explain to you what a Fat Quarter is, how it is cut and what the advantages of a Fat Quarter.

One yard of quilting fabric usually measures 36 inches by 44 inches.  If you cut this one yard into regular quarter yard cuts across the fabricís crosswise grain you would get 4 fabric strips with each measuring 9 inches by 44 inches.  This thin and long strip of fabric is not a very useful shape. 

A Fat Quarter is also a quarter yard fabric but it has a different shape.  To get a Fat Quarter you would divide one yard of quilting fabric into four large rectangles with each rectangle measuring 18 inches by 22 inches.  This rectangle is your Fat Quarter and its shape is very versatile as it allows a larger variety of fabric pieces that can be cut with the extra height and you also get more fabric pieces on the vertical grain of the fabric.















What can I do with a Fat Quarter?
There are so many different quilting and crafting projects for which a Fat Quarter can be used for.  Great projects for which you should consider a Fat Quarter for are table runners, book covers, wall hangings, baby quilts, bed quilts, fabric bowls, basket liners, placemat, album covers, handbags, potholders, pin cushions, etc.  Now you know why quilters, sewers, crafters and scrap bookers all love Fat Quarters alike. Knowing how you can cut a Fat Quarter will help you plan and design your next creative project. 

Here are some examples of how you can cut a Fat Quarter:

6 - 6.5" x 6.5" quilt squares
9 - 6" x 6" quilt squares
12 - 5" x 5" quilt squares
16 - 4.5 x 4.5" quilt squares
20 - 4" x 4" fabric squares

That is only a small list of how you can cut a Fat Quarter.  With its versatile shape you can also cut round, oval and other odd shapes out of a Fat Quarter. 

Purchasing Fat Quarters in a set or bundle will provide you with a wide variety of designs similar in theme, style or colors and many times they include designs you may have not thought of putting together which can be inspiring.  Furthermore, Fat Quarter Sets and Fat Quarter Bundles save time and money.  You donít have to spend time cutting your own Fat Quarters and you donít have to spend money on purchasing all your desired designs by the yard. 

So, now that you know what a Fat Quarter is and how versatile it is, take a look at all of our Fat Quarter Sets and Fat Quarter Bundles that are available to you.  Your imagination will be inspired looking at this beautiful sets and bundles.